About HentaiCovid

HentaiCovid is a website that collects new content from DLsite.

Check out our guide below if you’re not sure how HentaiCovid works.


How to download for free?

Not all HentaiCovid content contains links to free downloads.

To view content that includes download links, go to the “Ready to Download” category.

– You can categorize the content you’re looking for by clicking the “All Post” button in the upper right corner and selecting the most suitable category.

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I see some content that does not have a download link. What do I have to do to get the content?

You can submit a vote for us to buy content that does not have a download link. To cast your vote, click the “Want this!” button.

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After submitting your vote, your favourite content will be added to the “Most Liked” section for purchase.


When will HentaiCovid purchase the content I requested?

The requested content will be added to the “Most Liked” section.
Every Friday, we will purchase the most requested content.
The amount of content purchased each week is determined by the balance of the HentaiCovid fund.


What is the HentaiCovid Fund?

As you can see, we make money from the advertisements on the website.
As a result, we will use all of the money earned from UploadGIG to purchase new content for you every week.
And we call it the HentaiCovid Fund.


About “Request An Update” Button.

When the game has a new update, please click this button to notify us.
If your favorite content doesn’t have a download link yet, click the “Want this! Not the “Request An Update” button.


Why did HentaiCovid discontinue the use of torrent files for content distribution?

We’re tired of dealing with requests to remove DMCA-infringing content from our servers every day.
On April 12, 2022, our torrent file server was suspended for failing to remove DMCA-infringing content promptly. As a result, we have decided to discontinue the use of torrent files for content distribution.


How can I contact the HentaiCovid administrator?

You can contact us via email at [email protected].
Alternatively, you can leave a message on HentaiCovid’s official “Chat Box” You can chat with other members or report broken download links, new content updates, ..etc.

Attention: Please do not submit requests to purchase new content on “Chat Box.” Please use the “vote to buy” function on each post.


What contributions have I made to the HentaiCovid community?

When you upgrade your UploadGIG account to Premium, you make a $5 donation to the HentaiCovid fund.
This benefits the HentaiCovid community by providing more new content each week.